What makes Tao of Bad Ass so Popular?

Talking about dating in the present times, it appears that the new age technology has resulted in people becoming more apart and aloof from each other. This applies to the understanding of men about women’s needs too. As most of us men are into our smart phones and behind our computers throughout the day, our social life has taken a real hit and has put us into a big problem of not being in touch with women’s wants.

However, as it is the case with most of the things in life, the solution can be found by looking deeply into the situation. We went a step further and looked deeply to discover that it is the Tao of Bad Ass system devised by Joshua Pellicer which can act as a lifeline for all of us.

So, what actually is the Tao of Bad Ass?

Tao of Bad Ass is an extensive dating coaching program devised specially to help average guys like you and me to transform their lives in order to become confident enough to get whatever we want, especially the kind of women we want. Although, it cannot be categorized into a self-help program, it also doesn’t fall in the quick fix category. The Tao of Bad Ass program is more practical instead of being tactical.

The system comprises of a comprehensive, well-written and well researched e-book which throws light on many topics like:

        The important role that body language plays while interacting with women and how women perceive it.

        The success pattern with women and how one can hone his skills to repeat the strategy over and over again without coming across as being cheesy.

        Overcoming one’s fear of interacting with women.

–        Different strategies to make women approach one instead.

        Passing with flying colors all the small tests which women throw at men every now and then, especially during their first meetings.

        Maintaining regular eye contact and using it to exude tremendous amount of confidence.

        Different ways of understanding if a particular woman is really interested in you and if she is ready for you to go ahead and make the first move.

        The topmost methods of stopping any woman on the street.

        How to score your first kiss?

        Different methods of keeping a conversation going.

        All top methods of making women get attracted towards you and various methods of avoiding rejection even in a case where the woman is hell bent on rejecting you

        And many-many more useful insights!

Also provided in the system is a comprehensive video, which makes sure that you never go short of important material to help you pick up women and extract whatever you want out of each one of them, be it a long-term relationship, marriage, casual dating or even sex. Apart from all that, you also have an option to subscribe for a free one-month trial to keep you updated about the latest research related to dating. Keep in mind, there are thousands of men who are going to use this program and benefit from them. Wouldn’t you want to be ahead of everyone in the game? So go ahead and grab The Tao of Bad Ass now!

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Talking about the mistakes which men often make with women, women regularly find themselves in the unique situation of being able to list them quite accurately, and that too with great enjoyment! But thinking about it, it shouldn’t really come to that point?

The process of attracting, approaching and seducing women, followed by establishment of long-term happy and healthy relationships should not be a nightmare. Furthermore, with availability of vast amount of information available at both online and off-line sources, men should no longer fall prey to the tricks of women. Let us look into some of the most common mistakes men often make with women.

The initial meetings – It is a common saying that there is no chance better than the first chance to make a long-lasting impression on women. It is quite interesting that men make most of the silly mistakes during the initial stages of interaction with women. These normally happen at a point when they first get attracted to women at a party, at a bar or any other social do, where there are good chances of establishing a connection. It doesn’t come as a surprise that such behavior has a lot to do with the man’s body language, leading us to a commonly observed behavior called pecking.

Imagine a crowded joint with lots of noise. You have seen an attractive woman and have approached her as well, but as soon as you try initiating a conversation with her, there is too much noise to even hear each other out. In such a situation, the best way to engage her in a conversation is via your body language. It is this language which will determine the things to follow.

The habit of leaning towards her to properly hear what she’s saying, followed by leaning back again and repeating this again and again, is known as pecking. It sends subconscious signals to a woman that she is not important or interesting enough for you to maintain your attention. This will often result in her moving away from the conversation.

A simple change in your body language in such a situation can make a world of difference. Rather than leaning towards her every now and then, you must try turning your head in order to bring your ear close to her face. Point your finger to your ear, indicating that you’re not finding it too easy to hear her in that environment. It will result in her moving automatically close to you, in order to bridge that gap. It is common knowledge that women normally never lean towards a person whom they feel is repulsive. This simple act of her, of moving in your direction will indicate that things can move in a positive direction.

Once you see those signals coming, there are some other important things which you need to take care of. It is never a good idea to give too much information in the first meeting itself. Building rapport is good, but building it very quickly can be a big problem.

There are many such important things you can take care of to leave a long-lasting impression on the woman you are trying to woo. You will get to learn all of these in The Tao of Bad Ass dating system. It is the only single guide that you will ever need to help you climb up the dating ladder!

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About Joshua Pellicer – Creator of Tao of Bad Ass

If you are contemplating buying The Tao of Bad Ass system, this is an article you just cannot afford to miss. When Joshua Pellicer was in the process of writing this e-book focussing on teaching men how to get laid, he apparently didn’t even have a hint the kind of revolution his system will bring, and the kind of interest it would garner among the dating circles throughout the world. Quite obviously, the exact details about the program can only be learnt by purchasing it and reading through the entire e-book, but through this web site I will try to provide you a fair idea about the things and tricks you will pick in his course. At the end of it, you’ll have good idea whether to buy it or not.

You may have probably gone through similar kind of books which claim to help men in seducing women. After all, it’s not a novel concept. Guys throughout the world are ready to go head over heels to learn such tricks. But what makes the Tao of Bad Ass different from others? Does it really have something new to offer?

After having read his e-book, I can claim with all honesty that they are definitely are some techniques which have never been explored before. I have gone through several dating and seduction materials over the past 10 years and can state with confidence that this is something different. I will not go about making tall claims that you will find yourself in bed with two dozen beautiful women after reading this stuff, but you will definitely find that somehow women are inexplicably getting more and more attracted to you. You will have more of them approaching you for dates and even going for one night stands!

Let’s talk something about the author – Joshua Pellicer

Before you invest in any product, it is important that you gain some awareness about the author and find out whether she/he is really authoritative. If I go to market and purchase a course that is about training and taking care of my dog, I would want to buy some author who if doesn’t have decades of experience, has at least some years under his belt as a dog expert. The same applies to the art of picking up women and seduction books. Anyone who writes and publishes a guide on the dating topic must have ample experience in seducing women. Else, how can he possibly try to impart that knowledge to you?

Apparently, Joshua Pellicer is known to have very healthy credentials and is also known to be one of the leading authorities on the topic of dating. He hosts a radio show that focuses on seduction and dating tips. What more, he has also appeared in many television interviews and has a pretty good fan following among both men and women. His media appearances include in places such as New York Times, the Today Show and the Associated Press. His official website states that you can use the contact information on it to directly reach him.

It is my genuine advice that if you are serious about dating women of your choice, Joshua Pellicer’s the Tao of Bad Ass is a definite yes-yes.

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4 Most Successful Online Dating Tips

In this article I will help you learn some important online dating tips which will actually work. It is a startling fact that almost 99% of men who wish to date online are completely unaware about some very important tips. Let’s get started without wasting any time.

First impression is the most important – This all the more true for online dating. In case your profile picture isn’t appealing, you can forget women delving deeper into your details. You will lose your case right at the start. Go through all your pictures on your computer and shortlist five top pictures you can use. In case you can’t find any, its time you get a good photographer to shoot your profile. Furthermore, your profile picture should be based on the kind of woman you are trying to attract. If you are a hot body type and wish to hook up with as many girls as possible, a topless beach pic will do the trick.

Never listen to a chick’s advice - Most of the self-help videos and websites for men interested in dating women are written / created by journalists and bloggers, who are – women! Why in the world would you be interested in listening from a woman about what she thinks should be there on your profile?

She would surely know what she likes and dislikes, but at the end of the day it is not she who you want to date. Let’s get a guy’s perspective!

Initiate a dialogue – This doesn’t mean that you browse different profiles and start sending stupid messages. You may enquire about something that you read in their profiles. For example if someone loves to read, you could ask about the last book she read. Don’t make it too long as no one likes reading long messages. Furthermore, don’t waste time on women who are not looking for your types. For example, if some girl has clearly mentioned that she’s after a redhead and you are more of an overweight Italian fellow, she’s not going to reply to your message. You will only end up wasting your and her time. Get wise and move further.

Profile introduction – Most guys approach writing their profile as they are writing a resume. Spare me! You’re not applying for a job here! Are you looking for is a good intro, and not some resume or will. Some guys write so much about themselves that it feels like they’re writing an autobiography. Your introduction must have something that grabs your girl’s attention. It should make you stand apart. Do away with the boring stuff such as, “Hi I’m Bill and I like to listen to music!”…… rather opt for something like, “No six packs here, but you have a lot more to discover….” Visit the profiles of guys who are getting laid big time. Don’t copy them out right but what’s wrong with getting inspired!

I learnt a lot from Joshua Pellicer’s, the Tao of Bad Ass and have had great success in dating and seducing women I had wished for. If you are serious about your love life, this program is something you cannot miss!

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